As usual the development programme for the Navalady community was continued for the month of July 2016.  Our programme has made a big change in life of people living in Navalady. During this month, our Psychosocial worker daily visited the families in the Navalady community, and did counseling wherever necessary. As the male members of the families spend most of their time out in the sea, engaging in fishing, they do not have time to go to the relevant places in town area, to fulfill their needs. The mothers are uneducated and ignorant. They just cook their meals and take care of the children. When their male family members bring excess fish homes, they put those fishes in the sun to dry and prepare dry fish. They do not engage in home gardening as the soil is not fertile. Our psychosocial worker helps them to obtain documents from Government departments. On 4th of July, the psychosocial worker had a discussion with the members of the Fisheries association.  Through the Grama Sevaka of Navalady area, the Psychosocial worker made arrangements for Mr. Viramuthu to obtain his birth certificate. The evening classes were conducted by the two teachers. Lessons were taught according to their grade and syllabi. The teachers tried hard to develop the children’s aptitude. The subjects like English, Maths, Tamil, environmental studies were taught. They have learnt to write Sinhala letters and Sinhala vocabulary.  


The children were engaged in art work. The teachers were able to read their minds and their feelings through their art work. In case of children in Grade V, special care was taken as they were going to sit for the scholarship exam on 21st of August.

The children were provided with nutritious food and tea. The parents assist in preparing tea and making tiffin. The children are accompanied by the mothers when they attend the school.

The Centre is closed on the days which are declared as holidays by the government. 6th & 19th of July were holidays , because of Ramazan festival and   full-moon respectively. Day by day the number of children attending the school is increasing.  The number had increased up to 42 in July, 2016.

The Community Centre is helping for: Community building, Education, Reconciliation, Peace, Employment and Improving of quality of life.

The Centre was closed on 29th of July for the second term vacation.