When our founder Robert P. Del Conte died 18 years ago a poem was found above his desk, called Dot it Anyway by Mother Teresa. Over the years we have reflected on the poem but not acted on it. That is about to change. We are going to Do it Anyway despite the reward or consequence. We are getting ready to launch our first ever fundraising campaign to help rebuild an elementary school library in Puerto Rico that was damaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017 as well as a library in an underserved elementary school in Los Angeles. Instead of focusing on how he died we are instead choosing to focus on how he lived and it doing it so we are going to Do it Anyway. Everyone has the ability to do good works and bring about change in our own way. It can be picking up trash at the park or the beach. Holding the door for the person behind you, saying please and thank you, volunteering in your child’s classroom or at a soup kitchen, taking a self care day. All of it is needed and all of it matters. None of us can get through life without the help of others and sometimes the thing that is most needed is a smile, a hello or a hug letting someone know they are seen and matter. We challenge you to Do it Anyway, in any fashion you can.