Our Intent 


To dare to hope.....

A group of young kids were talking about how we have the right to go to school in America and how in many parts of the world there are children who are denied the right to an education based on where they live or their gender.  This group wanted to do something to change  this. They decided to make and sell a product with 100% of the proceeds going towards education. They are making these bracelets, to sell to help young girls across the world go to school. They know how fortunate we are to to have the right to an education.  The word JOY represents the joy one has in going to school and being able to grow, the word BRAVE represents the bravery that young girls around the world show by going to school in countries where it isn't safe.  Our intent is to share the gift of education and to dare to hope that one day all children around the world will have access to education.  It is through education that we as a world will come together.  

Each bracelet is $20, if you wish to have a custom bracelet made the price is $25.  

We believe that we as kids can make a difference, one bracelet at a time, one child at a time.